I samarbeid med Herr Nilsen og lydteknikker har vi som regel tilgang til følgende utstyr:
(Alt vedr. utstyr må avtales med lydteknikker på stedet.)

In partnership with Herr Nilsen and the sound engineering, we have usually access to the following equipment.
(Everything regarding the equipment must be arranged with the sound engineering on Herr Nilsen.)

Stage: Wide: 5,40 m & Deep 3,40 m.

Equipment – Herr Nilsen:

Meyer Sound UPQ-1P / 600-HP Sub

4x VUE a10
2x VUE a8
3x LAB Gruppen IPD 2400 amplifiers

Yamaha QL5, 32 inputs
24 ch. multi from stage (!)
Lexicon PCM 91 Reverb

1 AKG C5
1 AKG D5
1 AKG 535
2 AKG C480
2 AKG C518 (clip)
3 Sennheiser e 904 (clip)
2 ATM 350 (clip)
2x DPA 2011 (mounted on piano)
2x Neumann KM-184
2x Audio Technica ATM-4081
1 Audix OM6
3 Shure SM 58
1 Shure SM 58 w. switch
4 Shure Beta 58 A
2 Shure SM 57
3 Shure Beta 57
1 Shure Beta 52
1 Shure Beta 91
4 Radial Passive DI
8 BSS Active DI


Microphone stands
2 Tall RB w/boom
6 Low RB w/boom
10 Tall Tri w/boom

Steinway & Sons Model K-132 Upright Piano (Mic’ed with stereo pair DPA 2011)
Yamaha P155B El.piano

Pearl Master Studio 20″, 10″, 12″, 14″
Gretsch jazz kit 18″, 12″, 14″
Gretsch Snare (same as jazz kit)
Mapex Maple Deluxe

3x snare stand
5x cymbal stand
2x HiHat stand
1x drumstool
2x Kick Pedal

LTD stratocaster type

Yamaha BB414 4-string Bass

Fender Blues Junior
Fender Deluxe Reverb
Mark Bass Mini CMD 121P

Tech staff

EMAIL: lyd@herrnilsen.no